Fifth Eye improves quality of care with real-time early warning systems.

Fifth Eye enables proactive patient care to improve outcomes, avoid adverse events, shorten lengths of stay, and reduce costs.


85% of severe adverse events are preceded by abnormal physiological signs which often include hemodynamic instability.


Sudden patient deterioration.

Status Quo: Vital Signs. Physical Exams. Lab Tests.

Status quo detection of patient deterioration is subject to significant blind periods that preclude real-time continuous assessment, require timely nurse action, and are fundamentally late indicators due to the body’s impressive compensatory systems.

Rapid ICU Transfer (within 4 hours) yields 3.5x reduced mortality risk.



Predicting instead of reacting.

All-cause, real-time predictive Analytic for Hemodynamic Instability (AHI)

Fifth Eye’s early warning system continuously forecasts patient trajectory, giving doctors and nurses a heads up about impending trouble hours in advance of other methods. Using only a single existing ECG waveform, Fifth Eye provides a first score in five minutes with no baseline needed, minute-to-minute continuous patient assessment, advance warning and real-time treatment feedback, and easy to interpret historical trends without the need for electronic health record inputs.

The world needs a better detection system for hemodynamic instability.

  • The key value proposition is in accurately predicting problems before they happen to aid in the  recognition and rescue of the deteriorating patient…this makes it a novel next generation monitoring and predicting tool.

    Critical care/ED MD
  • We have a couple of teams dabbling in "early warning" models but they have not distilled it down to a single ECG lead!

    Chief Medical Officer
  • The linkage of an early response team with this technology would have a very high likelihood of being associated with a significant survival benefit.

    Chief Medical Officer
  • This is an amazing breakthrough!  I can see so many applications within the hospital.  I would like to get you connected to our innovation center so that we could be involved in its development.

    Chair, Vascular Surgery
  • Yes, this is a game-changer. The industry absolutely needs a better detection system for hemodynamic instability.

    Chief Medical Officer
  • All I can say is wow! That is awesome.

    Nurse Trainer