Fifth Eye, Inc., a provider of intuitive real-time clinical analytics, is excited to announce that it has been recognized as a “Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider” for 2022, as awarded by Healthcare Tech Outlook. Fifth Eye’s AHI System provides clinicians with unique, real-time information to facilitate early awareness of potentially serious emerging problems – ahead of vital signs.

Healthcare Tech Outlook is a print and digital platform that serves those involved with selecting and implementing healthcare technology. Each year, they publish a Top Ten list that “assists healthcare organizations in finding the foremost solution providers that can help them effectively navigate the ever-evolving artificial intelligence space.” 

The AHI System is the first and only FDA-cleared software that continuously detects, trends and predicts the risk of future episodes of hemodynamic instability – 48 minutes ahead of vital signs. Hemodynamic instability is a condition in which blood flow to vital organs is insufficient. When left unnoticed or untreated, it can lead to serious problems including shock.

Unlike many other software and technology options, the AHI System requires no new hardware and no manual inputs. The AHI System can detect hemodynamic instability real-time from information embedded in a continuous ECG signal alone. This means that AHI can be widely deployed to patients throughout the hospital with a familiar and straightforward set-up.

The AHI System has been designed to provide clinicians “at-a-glance” awareness of the evolving hemodynamic trajectory of all monitored patients simultaneously. Nurses can quickly see and comprehend the predicted risk of an episode of hemodynamic instability via a “traffic-light-inspired” risk indicator. Nurses can also understand how the patient’s status is evolving via continuously and automatically updated hemodynamic trends on the same multi-patient screen. And to keep clinicians connected wherever they are in the hospital, they can access this information anytime on any web-enabled browser including mobile devices or a computer.

AHI System software is intended for use by healthcare professionals managing in-hospital patients 18 years or older who are receiving continuous physiological monitoring with ECG. AHI surveillance may be initiated on patients monitored with bedside, telemetry or wearable patch ECG and standard electrodes.

About Fifth Eye Inc.

Fifth Eye, Inc. is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company that develops intuitive, real-time clinical analytics based on physiologic waveforms to improve outcomes and reduce costs. The AHI System™ is the first and only FDA cleared clinical decision support software that continuously predicts the risk of hemodynamic instability earlier than vital signs. AI-powered AHI extracts information embedded in a Lead II ECG signal alone – no manual or other inputs required. Fifth Eye’s machine-learning technology is licensed from the University of Michigan. For more information, please visit