Designed for straightforward and secure implementation
AHI System on Multiple Devices
  • AHI System is a fully AWS cloud-hosted solution with options for bringing some information security components behind the hospital firewall as needed to meet hospital information security requirements.
  • AHI System has achieved HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certification.

Automated results are enabled by streaming ECG inputs

  • AHI System relies solely on a single streaming ECG-II waveform
    • No EHR inputs (or integration) required
    • No manual blood pressure checks
  • ECG vendor neutral – Leverage existing FDA-regulated bedside and telemetry ECG monitors, connected to the hospital’s network, with no special electrodes needed
  • Extend coverage to general wards and emergency departments using FDA-regulated wearable ECG patch sensors
ECG Machine AHI only needs lead-2
Fully-managed, hospital-dedicated cloud hosting
  • Fully-managed, HIPAA-compliant, secure hospital-dedicated AWS installation for fast deployment, responsive browser-based interface, scalability, and easy maintenance.
  • Robust information security controls are in place for secure handling of sensitive information.
AHI uses a secure AWS Cloud

Easy access using existing hospital systems

  • Supports single sign-on (SSO) integration using robust OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 protocols to enable consistent, seamless, and easy-to-use user authentication.
  • AHI System is accessible to an unlimited number of clinical users via any modern internet browser on wall monitors, desktop or laptop computers, and mobile devices. Officially supported browsers include: Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Operating Systems include: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • Options are available for integrating with the hospital’s unified communications middleware to enable hospital-defined push notifications
AHI Supports Single Sign On SSO

Straightforward Implementation

  1. Plan the scope of the deployment and complete required contracts and information security reviews
  2. Establish the datapipe(s) between the hospital’s existing ECG monitors (bedside, telemetry, wearable) and AHI System.
  3. Prepare for clinical deployment by enabling single sign-on (SSO via OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0), configuring hospital-customized locations, integrating with the hospital’s unified communications middleware, and working with clinical leaders to ensure seamless workflow integration.
AHI is easy to implement
HITRUST-Certified-r2 Logo

The HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Validated Assessment is globally recognized as a rigorous validation showing that an organization successfully manages cyber risk by meeting and exceeding industry-defined and accepted information security requirements. The HITRUST r2 Validated Assessment + Certification is considered the gold standard for information protection assurances because of the comprehensiveness of control requirements, depth of quality review, and consistency of oversight.

HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certified status demonstrates that the organization’s AHI System (AHI) residing at Amazon Web Services (AWS); Facility: AWS (Data Center) managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) located in us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, us-west-2 (N. Virginia, Ohio, N. California, Oregon), United States of America has met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk.

AHI is the new standard for detecting and predicting hemodynamic instability. Contact us to learn more.

Thought this was really easy. User friendly. Normally we have in-services; I feel like if you missed that you'd be just fine.

Critical Care/RN



Nurses don’t have time to update patients' vitals and assessments every two minutes. This gives us a way to see that a patient is stable on a regular basis with easy access.

Step Down/RN



This tool can help determine where patients go [in the hospital] and how we should treat them, potentially changing admission flow, freeing up capacity and reducing length of stays.




We have a couple of teams dabbling in "early warning" models, but they have not distilled it down to a single ECG lead!

Chief Medical Officer



It would help me assign patients to nurses, knowing where the “hot-spots” are, and guide me to maintain an equal workflow with my nurses.

Critical Care/Charge RN



Just install it and they would start to use it.

Critical Care/RN