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    Thought this was really easy. User friendly. Normally we have in-services; I feel like if you missed that you'd be just fine.

    Critical Care/RN



    Nurses don’t have time to update patients' vitals and assessments every two minutes. This gives us a way to see that a patient is stable on a regular basis with easy access.

    Step Down/RN



    This tool can help determine where patients go [in the hospital] and how we should treat them, potentially changing admission flow, freeing up capacity and reducing length of stays.




    We have a couple of teams dabbling in "early warning" models, but they have not distilled it down to a single ECG lead!

    Chief Medical Officer



    It would help me assign patients to nurses, knowing where the “hot-spots” are, and guide me to maintain an equal workflow with my nurses.

    Critical Care/Charge RN



    Just install it and they would start to use it.

    Critical Care/RN